Handcrafted Burrata


Imagine a tender, milky ball of handcrafted mozzarella. Now imagine slicing it open to find a luscious, sensational, creamy mascarpone cheese infused with truffle honey, all tied together with blanched, salted leek. Caleb's handcrafted family burrata gives you quality, taste and a sensational experience with every bite.

Best served at room temperature with a sprinkle of salt and drizzle of olive oil - can be paired with cured meats, salads, fruits and pasta.


Made from at least 96% Australian ingredients

Ultimate Seasoning Directions: Use instead of salt, pepper, mirapoix or spices by adding 7g per serve or to taste directly to your vegetables, meat, seafood, pasta, sauces or rice to achieve that perfect taste everyone loves. For stock, whisk 20g to 1 cup of hot water.

Ultimate Seasoning Ingredients: star anise, pepper, salt, paprika, sugar, nutmeg, fennel seeds, mixed Italian herbs, oil, yeast extract, onions, garlic, natural vegetable flavour.